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This is where we call to your own home and look at your existing furniture to be upholstered. Our call out service is free. And we bring a full range of fabric, leatherette or leather samples whichever the customer prefers..

Why Reupholstery?

You are comfortable with your old suite. It's comfortable and even after spending weeks shopping around you can't find one the same size that fits your room perfectly. Maybe you're just tired of the shape, style or you want nice legs, change the style. Rest assured at Sofa Plus Interiors we cater for all your needs.

Some suites have sentimental values. Reupholstery of your old suite is also good for the environment as it is one less suite in a landfill.


Step 1
Chair Before Upholstery
Step 2
Chair completely stripped Frame
& All Joints Tightened
Step 3
Arms being prepared
Step 4
Layered with Cardboard
Step 5
Back Resprung & Canvassed
Step 6
Back Repadded & Foamed
Step 7
Back Upholstered & Arms repadded & Foamed
Step 8
Arms Upholstered & Seat Resprung
 Step 9
Seat Repadded & Foamed
Step 10
Sofa Stripped
Step 11
Sofa Back Respring
Step 12
Back & Arms Upholstered & Seat Prepared
 Step 13
Seat Upholstered
Step 14
Finished Product 










Re-upholstery Service

We will examine the suite to ensure it is of good quality to have it upholstered or not. If the suite is not of good enough quality we would advice the customer to purchase a new one. Be it from ourselves or from another furniture company.Re-upholstery Service

Some upholstery companies only recover your suite, this is a process where the company does not remove any of the old fabric or rebuild the suite to its former glory.

Re upholstery explained:
This is where the fabric is totally removed from your suite along with any dead foam. Your suite is then stripped down to just the frame, where we can start afresh.

Once we have the bare frame again we start by tightening all frame joints etc replace any broken rails. Then we start by repadding the sofa, replace all broken springs etc and generally make new what needs to be.

Before applying the fabric of your choice.
Fabric All back cushions are refilled or repadded, all seat cushions replaced and wrapped with Dacron and covered and returned to the customer as new. [Top]


The suite is good too throw out but you're just tired of the colour and shape - no problem.

We can redesign your suite for you. Make the back higher or shorter. A square arm to a round arm or vice versa. Make a 3 seater to a 2 seater or make a chair to a 4 seater. We can do all sorts of redesign just ask our representative and he can go through it on the day. [Top]


RepairsRepairs to framework, springs etc

Cushions replaced or repadded.

Zips replaced.

Repairs to leather sofas.

The above service is available to:

  • Domestic: Households, flats, landlords etc
  • Commercial: Offices, pubs, nightclubs, hairdressing salons etc
  • Trade: Furniture shops, suppliers etc. [Top]


We pride ourselves in our manufacturing capabilities.Manufacture

We have all top of the range machinery, to manufacture your frame from raw timbers. We only use beech in all our frames, not just because its hardwood properties but also as it has a one hour fire rating.

Unlike most of the sofas that are imported today from Europe where their frames are made from soft woods like del and chipboard which have no fire rating at all. Our sofas are made using only high quality fire retardant foam and fillings to ensure you rest easy.

The difference between sofa plus and a furniture shop is easy to see. What you see is what you get with a retailer but with us its much more. We make your suite to suit you, after all it's for you and your comfort. [Top]


You tell us how long you want it, how wide you want it and how deep you want it. Whether you want a swooping arm or a square arm a round arm you tell us. You tell us what feet or legs you want. What fabric you want or if you want each piece done in a different fabric no problem,. How much padding you want, soft, medium, hard no trouble.

With Sofa Plus you know what you're paying for because you are the one who tells us what to put there. You tell us what you want.


As you can see we have a selection of foam chairs, stools and corner groups. But maybe nothing is catching your eye, maybe you have seen a piece in a magazine, a paper etc. No problem bring us the photo and we will make it to your sizes.

Maybe you've seen a fabric somewhere tell us we will get it for you. After all that maybe you just need our advice.

We call to you after hours if required, bringing you swatches of fabrics etc for your viewing. Also we will measure up for you, if you want your furniture to go in a certain space in the room. Most importantly we will measure all you door ways to make sure your new sofa will go in unlike most retailers again with them you get what you see and sometimes the eye is very deceiving. Especially when it comes to going through your front door. You don't have to worry about that with us. With us you buy with confidence.

And calling out to you is again free no obligation.

Also for further piece of mind ask about our ten year guarantee. [Top]

Before After


Before After

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Upholstery Service
This is where we call to your own home and look at your existing furniture to be upholstered. Our call out service is free. More info

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