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Sofas, sofas everywhere but which one should I buy?

Maybe we can help!

The choices seem endless, but by making a careful list of your requirements you can narrow the search. Sofas come in all pieces, qualities, shapes and sizes. Furniture stores seem to have hundreds to choose from but in reality, due to the myriad and varied needs of homeowners, you will find that there will be surprisingly few on offer to suit your requirements.

Before you go dashing off with your cheque book in hand, let's look at price. I am often asked why one leather sofa is half price of what it is in the next shop. "Highway Robbery!" you exclaim but that is rarely the case.

The old adage: "You get what you pay for" surely applies here. First and foremost, lurking under the fabric or leather is the frame of your sofa. A solid wood frame is normally guaranteed for 10/20 years, which is definitely not on offer with a pressed wood or chipboard frame.

A sofa with a solid wood frame can be kept for a lifetime and re-upholstered over and over again. It is very difficult to tell by looking so you may have to ask.

Written Guarantee with Frame When Purchased

Obviously a solid wood frame is more expensive but worth the investment.

Leather and Fabrics come with enormous quality differences too. Poor quality leather will scratch easily and often flake. An interior fabric will show its age rapidly and is not value for money.

Take the cushions for example, feather and down filling is considerably softer than foam but it is also a much more expensive but is also a matter if preference too.

Synthetic fillings (Fibre Fill, Quall Fill) are often a good compromise.

The feet of your sofa can be timber and are often in a range of colours and styles. But there are also Metal Feet (Chrome & Satin Finish) take the style of your room into consideration before choosing.

What size or shape do I need?

Should I have a high back or will a low one look better. Get your measuring tape and go to work, have a look at some of the floor layouts below and see how they will work when applied to your room. Failing this give us a call and we will call to you and measure you up for your new sofa or corner group. We will advice you on fillings, fabrics, legs etc all in the comfort of your home. Just give us a call no obligation call out to suit you.

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